Shrinking World and Expanding Horizons

When I see the world today, I cannot help but compare how it was when people of my generation were growing-up. I am not suggesting that I am from Darwinian era. I am surprised how the globe has shrunk over the last decade or two and how the boundaries between the aspiring individuals and coveted positions have reduced. The outlook of powerful nations has changed dramatically resulting in the creation of independent nations like South Africa, tearing down of the Berlin wall, opening the borders with China, and warming of the relationships among cold war nations. The economic models that governed the most populous nations like India and China for decades have been modified allowing freer exchange of ideas, goods and services, creating free market global economies. More jobs have been available globally and more and more young people are aspiring and acquiring higher education in specialized areas like Engineering, Science, and Medicine etc. The opportunities for cross-border employment has never been greater than it is today.

It is interesting that the most developed nation with numerous institutions of higher learning, the USA, imports thousands of skilled workers from the rest of the world. It is intriguing and could be the topic for a potential policy research. May be that the US employers do not find enough qualified people graduating from these institutions. But, can the gap be bridged over the years creating more opportunities for American youth?

In a bid for a coveted job, how should you be different from your competitors to get the job? Please share your thoughts with us!


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