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Are soft skills really soft ?

Soft skills are often described by using a terms associated with a personality trait, such as integrity and abilities that can be acquired by practicing, such as communication and leadership. Why are s oft skills called “soft”? While others may give different answer, Kovvali thinks that they are called soft skills, because these skills are not associated with college degrees. We do not see anyone having a Masters Degree in Integrity or communications skills! Degrees in communication are specialized degrees for those who want to become journalists are marketing professionals. Communication skills and integrity are implicit qualifications and qualities for job seekers in modern age. In fact, many companies list communication skills and leadership skills as a part of job description.

The fact that there are numerous training and development companies offering soft skills classes and big companies encourage their employees to take the soft skills training suggest that these skills are critical for professional and personal success. Kovvali thinks leadership, ability to communicate, negotiate, and resolve conflict are critical skills. Therefore Kovvali calls soft skills as Critical skills and consider them as life skills.

Soft skills can be developed or honed if an individual has these skills inherently but need help in mastering them. Soft skills training does not need to be expensive or should not be out of reach of the common people or students. In fact, Kovvali believes that soft skills training is not like a vaccine. It is like a vitamin; one needs to take them at a regular interval and as long as one needs success!Kovvali’s approach to help people develop themselves is comprehensive. It focuses on providing custom content and deliver it in a way appropriate to the target groups.

Kovvali Academy is geared to develop and deliver innovative, interesting and inspiring training programs to help individuals and groups to excel in their professional and personal lives.

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August 19, 2014

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