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About Us

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Kovvali Academy is a US based Global Training and Development organization  with a vision to help individuals, communities, and corporations in developing as formidable leaders, communicators, and resources capable of catering to the emerging and dynamic needs of the workplace.  Kovvali is not a training machine; Kovvali is a synonym for passion to help others succeed. Kovvali courses do not end with a certificate or certification. Kovvali offers continuing training and support for professional development. Kovvali courses and training programs are developed and continually improvised with the advice from experts. Kovvali is committed to helping individuals develop as better communicators, seasoned negotiators, and great leaders. Kovvali specifically recognizes the need to help professionals, scientists and doctors develop critical skills to succeed in their fields.

As the world is recovering from recent recession, the challenges in the job market remain. Interestingly the challenges are not in the availability of positions alone; employers are finding it hard to fill the open positions with qualified people. While this may sound like a riddle, recent surveys and studies offer some insights on the issue. In a survey conducted by, The Chronicle and American Public Media’s Marketplace, the hiring managers and executives expressed concern that colleges are falling short in preparing graduates in communications skills and decision making. Nearly half of the executives surveyed said they had trouble finding qualified college graduates to fill the positions. Thirty one percent of employers indicated that recent graduates are unprepared or very much unprepared for their job search. In another recent survey conducted by the staffing company Adecco, over 90% of senior executives feel that there is a gap in the U.S. workforce skills; they feel the gap is in the soft skills (44%) such as communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration as opposed to gap in technical expertise (22%). It is interesting that the senior executives believe the skills gap has less to do with complacency on the part of American workers and more to do with the U.S. education system and costs associated with in-house training programs. The goal of American Universities, like those in any part of the world, is to impart information and knowledge in the subject areas of interest to the students. There may be some validity to the criticism that the educational institutions around the world have not adapted themselves to the global economy and the workforce needs in the cyber age. Global economy requires skills like communication, negotiation, adaptive-thinking, and leadership. Kovvali Academy calls these skills, ‘Critical skills’, and considers them as life skills. It is hard for the Universities to teach these skills as they focus on teaching subjects related to domain expertise and cannot spread the thin resources to develop courses to teach critical skills. Corporate world likes to hire the domain experts equipped with critical skills. Where do students go to acquire these skills? While there are numerous agencies offering online and in-person courses, Kovvali Academy felt the need for critical skills programs developed with an academic rigor to prepare the global workforce to meet the emerging needs of the corporate world. Kovvali Academy has developed several comprehensive programs in eLearning as well as in-person formats. Kovvali Academy offers training to meet the needs of individuals who are just gearing to enter the work force or those who had break and trying to re-enter the job stream. Kovvali Academy also has programs to meet the needs of institutions that are short of qualified faculty to teach specialized subjects like Biotechnology, Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery and Development, to name a few.

Overview of programs offered by Kovvali Academy

Some of the courses and training offered by Kovvali Academy are in the areas of Writing for Success, Critical Skills for the Global Staff. Kovvali offers coaching, mentoring and support for career development. Kovvali Academy offers a platform for virtual competitions on topics of interest and relevance to the global work force as well as job seekers. Kovvali offers virtual class rooms to teach specialized subjects like Biotechnology, Medicine etc.

Target Groups served by Kovvali Academy

The target groups served by Kovvali Academy are fresh graduates seeking jobs, employees trying to hone their critical skills to stay competitive, and professionals who like to acquire and master critical skills.

Special Focus training of Kovvali Academy- Writing Skills for all occasions

Kovvali Academy has specially focused training programs for students from academics and business world and pharmaceutical industry. These programs are designed in online and in person formats.

Training formats offered by Kovvali Academy

Kovvali Academy offers online and in-person training on several subjects. Kovvali Academy offers webinars in addition to online and in-person trainings.

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